Website redesign

After months of hard work, I’m delighted to tell you this website has received a well deserved facelift! I designed the new website with a mobile-first approach. Whether you’re visiting it on mobile or desktop, you’ll find much more information about each typeface, including OpenType features, its complete character set, language support and a type tester.

The process of purchasing a license has also been improved. First of all, downloading any of my free fonts doesn’t require an account anymore. You click the button, the download starts. For paid items, you will be redirected to a revamped checkout page that works great on desktop and mobile. And if you ever need to download the fonts again, the links are first and foremost on the My Account page, as they should be. Right below that you can access all your past orders receipts.

My goal for this redesign was to make this website simpler and more effective. I am confident you’ll find it easier to shop from Harbor Type, just as I’m finding it easier to publish new typefaces.

And speaking of new typefaces, I will release one very soon. If you’d like to hear it when it launches and get a special discount, subscribe to my newsletter.