Graviola Soft in use by Kruidvat

Kruidvat has recently launched new packaging for their private label that uses Graviola Soft extensively. With over 1200 stores in the Netherlands, Belgium and France, the pharmacy chain is a reference in health and beauty products.

Graviola Soft in use for Kruidvat’s hair care products

The new design for their hair care line was developed by the Dutch studio REGGS. Their strategy was to create a strong center featuring rounded shapes and plenty of movement to achieve a reliable and optimistic look. Other elements, such as the hair shape and rich illustrations, translate the quality of Kruidvat’s formulations and position them in the universe of cosmetic products.

At the center of this new graphic system is Graviola Soft. Its remarkable personality, with curved diagonals and rounded terminals, helps to create recognition of the Kruidvat brand in all its product lines permeating the areas of hygiene, beauty, supplements, cell phone accessories and even animal care.

Graviola Soft in use for Kruidvat’s hair care products

Read the original case on the REGGS website (in Dutch).

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