Extra! Extra! Igual is here!

This release is a little different for one simple reason: it is not available on this website. Igual was designed by me, Henrique Beier, exclusively for Fabio Haag Type. It comes to officialize a partnership that has been going on for a while. Now, in addition to running Harbor Type, I also work at Fabio Haag Type.

With its mechanical, precise and rational aesthetic, Igual is divided into 2 subfamilies: Igual and Igual UI. The first one, the “normal” version, is best suited for use in branding and overall communication. In the UI version, on the other hand, all weights occupy the same width and are adjustable with Variable Font technology (according to the light sensor of a cell phone, for example) without changing the interface layout.

Despite the aesthetics of monospace typography (where all characters are the same width), Igual UI has different widths between letters, but not between weights. This way, the legibility of large letters, such as ‘m’ or ‘w’, is not sacrificed.

Learn more about Igual, download a free test version and purchase your license directly at Fabio Haag Type’s website.

Launch campaign designed by Johnny Brito and Adilson Júnior.