Extra! Extra! Igual is here!

This release is a little different for one simple reason: it is not available on this website. Igual was designed by me, Henrique Beier, exclusively for Fabio Haag Type. It comes to officialize a partnership that has been going on for a while. Now, in addition to running Harbor Type, I also work at Fabio […]

Dona is one of Fontspring’s Best Fonts of 2019

Dona was chosen by Fontspring as one of the best releases of 2019 and I’m extremely happy! I started designing Dona in 2017. Back then, the biologist, illustrator and brother of mine Christian Beier was starting his illustration studio and asked me to design a logotype for it. I designed the logo above and then […]

Densia Sans will get an upgrade

I’ve started Harbor Type almost 6 years ago with Densia Sans. My goal back then was to design a typeface from scratch and to test the waters on this market. It turned out enjoyed the whole process and decided to make it my full-time job. Hurray, Densia Sans!

Double awards at Hiii Typography 2018

Kiperman and Rocher were given Merit Awards at Hiii Typography 2018. Already in its 5th edition, the Hiii Typography International Typography Design Competition is hosted by Hiiibrand Inc. and aims to explore outstanding design talents, reward excellent design works, and to advance the development of typography design career.

Malva 2.0: variable font update

Version 2.0 of Malva is here and it comes with variable fonts! If you don’t know what that means, variable fonts are one of the most exciting new developments in digital typography in the last few years. This new format allows you to have many styles in a single font file. All styles are organised along axes, which means you now have the ability to select the exact weight value you need (or any other variation the font might have). No more wishing the bold was slightly bolder and the regular was a little lighter!

Website redesign

After months of hard work, I’m delighted to tell you this website has received a well deserved facelift! I designed the new website with a mobile-first approach. Whether you’re visiting it on mobile or desktop, you’ll find much more information about each typeface, including OpenType features, its complete character set, language support and a type tester.

Custom fonts on the Kindle

A recent update for the Kindle software introduced the ability to use any third-party font to read any ebook. This has made the process of testing text typefaces a lot easier. Before this update, testing on Kindle meant embedding the fonts on ebooks using Calibre and transferring them to my Kindle Paperwhite. This would be fine, but doing so for every minor font version soon filled my device with dozens of the same ebooks that I would never actually read…