Fonts in Use

Fonts as sweet as honey

APIS design recently chose Graviola as its brand typeface. With focus on the education and culture markets, APIS design specializes in developing strategic solutions through editorial design and brand identity. When I designed Graviola in 2014 I never imagined I would see such a sweet application. APIS design’s new brand combines beautiful illustrations, vibrant colors […]

Kiperman: a typographic tribute

You probably already know the most common reason to develop a custom typeface is when no typeface in the retail market meets a brand’s communication needs. Or maybe the brand needs exclusivity, a font family that no one else can use. Alternatively, it may be that the company is very large – with thousands of employees – and buying a license for all these people would be very expensive. Or the company uses very specific software or processes and not every font works correctly under these conditions.

Any of these arguments alone would justify developing a custom typeface. But what is not always remembered is that the custom route is also a great opportunity to pay tribute to someone.