Scripts for Glyphs

A quick update for those who develop fonts in Glyphs. I’ve recently published my first repository in GitHub with a few open source scripts. Their functionality range from the very simple (open all/selected nodes) to the somewhat complex (an almost complete solution for exporting and importing SVGs for making color fonts).

The state of underlines and strikethroughs

Some weeks ago, while developing a custom typeface for a client, I was asked about adjusting the position and thickness of the underlines and strikethroughs. I knew it was possible to customize these values in Glyphs, Fontlab or any other font editor. But honestly, I didn’t usually bother to configure them because I knew they weren’t really enforced by most graphic software. This was a custom project, so fine-tuned underlines and strikethroughs could potentially save my client from a few headaches when typesetting documents. With that in mind, I decided to investigate further.