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Densia Sans is an economic sans serif, designed to be used in sizes from 6 to 14 points. Its tall x-height and narrow width make it shine whenever there’s very limited space.

Not only it is space-saving, Densia Sans features a complete set of 820 glyphs, including small caps, case-sensitive forms, proportional and tabular figures, superiors, inferiors, and fractions. Also, its character set supports over 30 languages.

Celebrating my foundry launch, I’ll let you name the price for this font! You’re welcome to pay me any amount that you think is fair. Think of it as an investment in my work, so I can continue doing what I love.

Pranchas Densia Sans_01_title

Pranchas Densia Sans_02_compact

Pranchas Densia Sans_09_fractions

Pranchas Densia Sans_03_xheight

Pranchas Densia Sans_04_paragraph

Pranchas Densia Sans_05_contem

Pranchas Densia Sans_06_text

Pranchas Densia Sans_07_AZ

Pranchas Densia Sans_08_diacritics

Pranchas Densia Sans_10_features

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